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StvH mit Mann von Jüterborg

Stephan von Huene and The Man from Jüterbog, 1995


Stephan von Huene (1932–2000) was one of the founders of 20th century sound and media art. Beginning in the 1960s, he opened up innovative paths for acoustic and kinetic art through his sculptures – which he often called machines – while offering the public new perceptual and experiential possibilities. After studies in art and art history, von Huene began producing drawings, paintings, and leather sculptures. Realizing that these works failed to correspond to the times and to his intentions, he began to experiment with the construction of sound sculptures.

This website provides an overview of the works of Stephan von Huene. Listed alongside the
sound sculptures are drawings, mind maps, radio plays, as well as leather and bread sculptures.

Recommended for a deeper knowledge of von Huene’s œuvre is a look at the catalog that accompanied the retrospective, the catalog devoted to his graphic work, and the volume of his writings. Current scholarly investigations of his œuvre include dissertations by Jesús Muñoz Morcillo and Alexis Ruccius.

Listed here is an overview of the museums where von Huene’s works are found. The German Wikipedia article contains a biography, which is also available here. For additional information, suggestions, or questions: stephanvonhuene@posteo.de

Since 2017, an association (Verein Stephan von Huene) has supported an awareness of this artist and promoted research into his artistic achievement (www.stephanvonhuene.de). Please feel free to contact us if you are planning publications about the works of Stephan von Huene or related activities: stephanvonhuene@posteo.de
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Sound and Kinetic Sculptures

Kalaidophonic Dog

Kaleidophonic Dog


visitor from eyeland

Visitor from Eyeland





Ohne Titel


Mind Maps

Getty Talk Intro

Getty Talk, Intro

Radio Plays

Konzept Rohrspiele

Concept for the radio play Tube Play


Stephan von Huene und die Zauberflöte, ca 1985

Stephan von Huene and Magic Flute, ca. 1985